Over the years I have purchased and sold a few properties and find the process to be extremely frustrating. Buyers come to view my property, take up my time, and then make the most stupid excuses as to why they will not make an offer. One person walked in the front door, turned around and walked straight out. The agent later told me the minute they walked in the door they could see the property was not suitable for them. I had to come home early from work, spent an hour cleaning the house all for a one minute rejection. It had never occurred to me that perspective buyers wanting to view my property were not interested in buying my property, their interest was only to view my property. It makes perfect sense. Only after viewing several properties can a buyer start deciding which one they would like to buy. Buying a property is no better. On one occasion it took three weeks to get the tenant to allow a viewing on a property I did not buy. When I sold my last property the agent introduced me to View Home. He told me that he will only bring one person to view the property to get an offer. Three weeks later he called to make a viewing appointment. The prospective buyer viewed the property and made a respectable offer right there and then. It happened just the way Gary said it would happen. Even so, I felt a bit disappointed as I had only one interested buyer in three weeks. The agent then showed me all that had happened in the three weeks. There had been over 150 online viewings. Several prospective buyers wanted to make ridiculously low offers, some saying the property was not what they were looking for, others commented the bathrooms were too small and so on. All of this was happening without any interruption to my life. I can now see why the agency I used call themselves the online property specialists. The way to view properties online in the future has arrived and I am happy to have enjoyed the experience.

Rick (Seller)

The benefits from using View Home are obvious. I cannot think how we could operate our business today without using this service. It is one of these things you do not know you need, until you start using it. Once you start using it you do not know how you survived in the past without it. Using this online viewing service is a game changer for our company and the industry.

Trust Property (Agent)

When we started using the View Home Video Tours, our sole mandates / Exclusive Instructions increased by over 80%.  The petrol costs for our agents reduced by 90% and the time it took to sell a property reduced from an average 1.5 months to two weeks. Prior to using View Home, we would have around 20 viewings before we received an offer.  When we started using View Home, this changed drastically.  We now receive around 90 online viewings on average and only have to take one or two prospective buyers to view the actual property before we get an offer. One out of every 3 offers we received were made before the buyer actually visited the property.

Harcourts Lifestyle (Agency)

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