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background music to produce the best possible viewing experience for your buyers.

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What is a Property Video Tour?

There is sometimes confusion over the terms Video Tour, Property Video, Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 Degree Property Video Tour.

We've included some brief explanations of each to ensure you select the best possible option for your needs.
Video Tour

A Video Tour (or Property Video Tour) consists of a video that continues to show the property without any fades or transitions and without any interaction from the viewer. It enables the viewer to move through the property as if they are actually viewing the property.

With a Property Video Tour, you capture the movement and atmosphere, while adding music to enhance the viewing experience. The viewer cannot interact with the presentation other than to speed it up or slow it down.
Property Video

A Property Video consists of a video that is produced similar to an advert. Transitions are created to "move" between each room and cameras show only certain picturesque views.
Virtual Reality (VR)

VR consists of 360° images taken and stitched together with clickable links between each image. When a person views the image, they select a link and the presentation takes the viewer to the next image, similar to Google Street View.

A VR Presentation can be useful for online viewing, however they are expensive to produce and using still images lacks atmosphere and movement. - There is no viewing experience of trees moving in a gentle breeze or birds flying.
360° VR Video Tour

A 360° VR Property Video Tour works the same as the Video Tour with the option of allowing the viewer to look around as they are taken through the Property.

A Drone adds a new dynamic to the Property Video Tour. It shows footage of a property from a perspective that a person would not normally see when viewing a property. However, the amount of video time you can shoot from a drone is very limited. After all, when a person views a property online, they want to see the property from the inside.

At View Home, we specialise in the production of Property Videos on all of the above formats.

Producing a Property Video is one thing, however, what is done with the video once it is produced is just as important.

We were not videographers thinking "How can we make money in the real estate business" - we are agents who realised how we could use video to increase our sales and better compete in a very competitve industry.

We don't do Corporate or Wedding videos or any other video production.
We produce only property videos and we guarantee to offer estate agents video editing solutions and exceptional service.

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